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About Animal Communication Sessions

All my sessions are completed long distance. I connect using a photograph of the animal.
After I have received the information needed to start the session (see below) I book a time to communicate with your companion and a time to do a follow up call with you.

Sessions vary depending on the individual animal, its situation and the reasons you (the client) have booked the session. This is an overview of what it might look like. Not all aspects are present in every session.

Session Preparation

Please send…
To Book a Session:

Please phone 250-661-7952 or
email: arccalg@telus.net

Cost: $80 per hour. (Sessions average 1-1.5 hours)
Payment: E-mail Money Transfer (available through your on-line banking)
Personal Check

  • A photograph, preferably full body, with face visible and relatively recent
  • Your animal companion’s name, age, gender and, if applicable, whether they have passed on
  • Information as to the presence of any other animals in the house
  • Where you live and a selection of quiet times that I can contact the animal
  • Basic information about the situation and anything you would like to communicate to your companion
  • Any questions you would like to ask.
I encourage you to communicate to your companion that I will be contacting them. This can be done by gently getting your companion’s attention and speaking to him/her with words and if possible visualizing images in your mind’s eye, trust that they have received your intention/communication. If you have any further questions please let me know.

During the session with your Animal Companion…

  • I begin with a greeting and then introduce who I am and why I am requesting communication with them. If your Animal Companion is open to communicating, I start the session.
  • I often start with general inquiries to provide space for your companion to share their needs and concerns before delving into the more specific concerns, you as client, have expressed.
  • If health issues are a concern, with the animal’s permission I do a general body scan, using both intuition and specific questions to check overall health. During the scan I use intuition to receive information about their physical body and follow with communication with the animal about how they feel in their body. Note: I am not a veterinarian and not qualified to diagnose or treat symptoms. I will offer my impressions and understandings of the situation but it is up to you to seek appropriate medical information/treatment.
  • If there are unresolved emotional issues/traumas that are either central to the client’s inquiry or are presented by the animal I will provide counseling and/or energetic healing to assist in supporting the healing process. I will not engage the animal in talking about past traumas or blocked emotions unless they are open to it. Working in this way can often resolve behavioral “problems” without a need to talk at all about the behavior.
  • I often receive messages for the person (client) from their companion that may not be related to their relationship but to their life in general. Our companions are wise beings with insights and awareness’s that can be profound if not surprising to us.
During the follow up phone call …
  • I relay the communications I received and provide space for questions and clarifications.
  • I receive communication from your animal through images, feelings, words and a sense of knowing. I strive to be as clear a channel as possible and will state clearly when I am adding my thoughts or interpretations. I sometimes receive words or images that don’t make sense to me but will make sense to you, the client.

Please contact me if you have further questions
250-661-7952 or Email:

Heather also offers Animal Communication Workshops through The Healing Space Calgary or check with Divine Mine for other services.